TALOS Version 0.05 and lower

Version 0.05 Notes:

Added better Splash screen and Icon plus some minor level changes.

Finally got the Mac executable to work rip $100 to apple's BS developer program but hooray Mac version.

I'm gonna need to remove the music at some point because it's Lorn's music and they wont respond to my emails and I don't wanna get taken to court lol

Version 0.04 notes:

Still working on a save feature and a mac executable.

Levels 1 thru 25 work and after beating Level 25 I've made a boss level. I've also added instructions on how to play in the main menu.

btw don't skip level 25 or the boss level will get messed up.


Talos0.05.zip 97 MB
Feb 16, 2018


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